Friday, April 1, 2011

A Boy and His Sandwich

I bought this sandwich at a grocery store, it had extra oil and vinegar, and mayo. 
It was so good, I could not wait to get home to eat it. So I opened it in the car, I was parked not driving.
I started to eat the sandwich ....and oh my fucking god was it good. The oil and mayo were running down my fucking face. Dripping and pooling on a piece of junk mail in the passenger seat of my car.  
My hands were covered in mayo, oil and vinegar. Onions and jalapeƱos fell onto my pants and shirt. 

It was perhaps the most human I have ever been.
I sat there covered in may, belly heavy with sandwich. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dancing with the stars results

I hate this show so much, I hate everyone who watches it.

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 4

Cell phone contracts......omg... WHY DO THEY DEMAND A 2 YEAR FUCKING CONTRACT!!! WHY!!! I just want a basic phone, and they want to rope me into a signing a 2 year contract.
I went to AT@T....all they offer is 2 year contracts, went to Verizon..they offer 1 year and 2 year contracts, went to Sprint...all they offer is 2 year contracts, and many of them want to charge as high as 25 dollars a month for internet.

So basic talk is 40, dollars a month , and its a 2 YEAR obligation, meaning you loose a goes on your credit.

My advice, NEVER SIGN a cell phone contract, EVER!!

Why they can't offer 6 month contracts ...I have no idea....

Am I right?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 3

So recently I was saving up to pay off some apartment debt, my entire reasoning for paying off the debt was to be able to rent a better a apartment.

After doing some research I discovered that even if I paid off the apartment debt it would still remain on my credit, and to get even stranger - leasing offices still will deny you for an apartment even after its marked as PAID!!

So if I don't pay the debt, in seven years it goes away, and I have limited options as to where to live....

If I do pay it, it still takes seven years to go away and I have limited options as to where to live...

Do you understand what I am getting at?
THEY GIVE ZERO INCENTIVE TO PAY DEBT?  I am going to be punished the same, if I pay the debt or not!! I am still in the same situation...
You would think the world would want to structure itself in a way that says, If you have debt its on your credit, as soon as you pay it , it goes off your credit....

TO be honest, this system of perpetual punishment , does not protect lenders and leasers from giving out fraudulent loans, as a matter of fact it insures that past due payments and consumer debt will NEVER be paid.

You have to reward people for being debt free, not punish them regardless.
Again, I strongly believe that the three credit agency's need to be done away with, or bought out and consolidated into one mandatory system that only reflects unpaid debts....nothing more nothing less.

If we don't streamline our credit system and make it (user friendly) then companies, banks  and investors are going to find themselves constantly loosing money.
Every citizen should be able to check their credit every hour of every day for free.
Credit should not have debts listed as paid, it should list only outstanding debts.
Equifax, Experian, Transunion are all businesses  that control an essential service to society, they have no obligation to act in  way that benefits America. Essentially they have a power that they should not have.

Get rid of the credit agency's and create a streamlined free credit service.
Do not allow profiteers to control how we buy homes,cars, and cell phones.
Am I right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bobs Burgers

Bobs Burgers has got to be the best new show.
Its been 10 years of nothing but Seth McFarland shows and not that that's a bad thing, but Bobs Burgers comes out of left field and frankly its a breath of fresh air.  
Its about a small business owner named Bob, who lives in a apartment flat above his burger restaurant..
His wife and three kids help run the business.
Which is nice setting for an animated show as the majority....if not ALL, (except Futurama) have had a setting in suburb in a house... Which is the tried and true formula we all know and love, again everything about this show is a breath of fresh air.
For the show to be in the first season, the voice cast has some incredible chemistry. 
Look back at season one of The Simpson, Family Guy, Futurama, always with a new voice cast the chemistry takes a few episodes to really click,but Bobs Burgers has managed to pull this off right out of the gate. 
Its hard to classify what type of humor the show brings to table, but if I had to I would say the humor is dry. 
You will find yourself laughing at things one or two scenes after the punch line. 
The kids are hilarious, and as the show is still in season 1, we have probably yet to see all the supporting characters, but from what I have seen so far, I am very optimistic.  

I am so hopeful for this show its keeping me awake at night. 

This is ffcloud321 saying
WATCH BOBS BURGERS -------This is Fox's home page for the show, you can watch high quality episodes here.

Don't forget to tell Fox to NOT CANCEL this show, I have a very strong feeling that Bobs Burgers is GOLD


Ad this to your Netflix 

Milo and Otis is the story of two best friends who get separated in their youths. 
They spend years trying to get back home, each of them have what you could call their own personal Odysseys.
They both find girl friends, have kids and eventually find their way back home. 
The Story is narrated by Dudley More. 

Every scene in the movie is portrayed by animals, but made long before CGI. 
Its one of my favorite child hood movies , yet I think even as an adult you can enjoy this movie. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

network solutions

network solutions

This is another one of my MS paint drawings 
Its Called network solutions 

Tell Me What You Think Of It in the comments section!!!

I will be writing some more soon, I just have a lot of MS Paint art that I would like post up.