Friday, April 1, 2011

A Boy and His Sandwich

I bought this sandwich at a grocery store, it had extra oil and vinegar, and mayo. 
It was so good, I could not wait to get home to eat it. So I opened it in the car, I was parked not driving.
I started to eat the sandwich ....and oh my fucking god was it good. The oil and mayo were running down my fucking face. Dripping and pooling on a piece of junk mail in the passenger seat of my car.  
My hands were covered in mayo, oil and vinegar. Onions and jalapeƱos fell onto my pants and shirt. 

It was perhaps the most human I have ever been.
I sat there covered in may, belly heavy with sandwich. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dancing with the stars results

I hate this show so much, I hate everyone who watches it.

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 4

Cell phone contracts......omg... WHY DO THEY DEMAND A 2 YEAR FUCKING CONTRACT!!! WHY!!! I just want a basic phone, and they want to rope me into a signing a 2 year contract.
I went to AT@T....all they offer is 2 year contracts, went to Verizon..they offer 1 year and 2 year contracts, went to Sprint...all they offer is 2 year contracts, and many of them want to charge as high as 25 dollars a month for internet.

So basic talk is 40, dollars a month , and its a 2 YEAR obligation, meaning you loose a goes on your credit.

My advice, NEVER SIGN a cell phone contract, EVER!!

Why they can't offer 6 month contracts ...I have no idea....

Am I right?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 3

So recently I was saving up to pay off some apartment debt, my entire reasoning for paying off the debt was to be able to rent a better a apartment.

After doing some research I discovered that even if I paid off the apartment debt it would still remain on my credit, and to get even stranger - leasing offices still will deny you for an apartment even after its marked as PAID!!

So if I don't pay the debt, in seven years it goes away, and I have limited options as to where to live....

If I do pay it, it still takes seven years to go away and I have limited options as to where to live...

Do you understand what I am getting at?
THEY GIVE ZERO INCENTIVE TO PAY DEBT?  I am going to be punished the same, if I pay the debt or not!! I am still in the same situation...
You would think the world would want to structure itself in a way that says, If you have debt its on your credit, as soon as you pay it , it goes off your credit....

TO be honest, this system of perpetual punishment , does not protect lenders and leasers from giving out fraudulent loans, as a matter of fact it insures that past due payments and consumer debt will NEVER be paid.

You have to reward people for being debt free, not punish them regardless.
Again, I strongly believe that the three credit agency's need to be done away with, or bought out and consolidated into one mandatory system that only reflects unpaid debts....nothing more nothing less.

If we don't streamline our credit system and make it (user friendly) then companies, banks  and investors are going to find themselves constantly loosing money.
Every citizen should be able to check their credit every hour of every day for free.
Credit should not have debts listed as paid, it should list only outstanding debts.
Equifax, Experian, Transunion are all businesses  that control an essential service to society, they have no obligation to act in  way that benefits America. Essentially they have a power that they should not have.

Get rid of the credit agency's and create a streamlined free credit service.
Do not allow profiteers to control how we buy homes,cars, and cell phones.
Am I right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bobs Burgers

Bobs Burgers has got to be the best new show.
Its been 10 years of nothing but Seth McFarland shows and not that that's a bad thing, but Bobs Burgers comes out of left field and frankly its a breath of fresh air.  
Its about a small business owner named Bob, who lives in a apartment flat above his burger restaurant..
His wife and three kids help run the business.
Which is nice setting for an animated show as the majority....if not ALL, (except Futurama) have had a setting in suburb in a house... Which is the tried and true formula we all know and love, again everything about this show is a breath of fresh air.
For the show to be in the first season, the voice cast has some incredible chemistry. 
Look back at season one of The Simpson, Family Guy, Futurama, always with a new voice cast the chemistry takes a few episodes to really click,but Bobs Burgers has managed to pull this off right out of the gate. 
Its hard to classify what type of humor the show brings to table, but if I had to I would say the humor is dry. 
You will find yourself laughing at things one or two scenes after the punch line. 
The kids are hilarious, and as the show is still in season 1, we have probably yet to see all the supporting characters, but from what I have seen so far, I am very optimistic.  

I am so hopeful for this show its keeping me awake at night. 

This is ffcloud321 saying
WATCH BOBS BURGERS -------This is Fox's home page for the show, you can watch high quality episodes here.

Don't forget to tell Fox to NOT CANCEL this show, I have a very strong feeling that Bobs Burgers is GOLD


Ad this to your Netflix 

Milo and Otis is the story of two best friends who get separated in their youths. 
They spend years trying to get back home, each of them have what you could call their own personal Odysseys.
They both find girl friends, have kids and eventually find their way back home. 
The Story is narrated by Dudley More. 

Every scene in the movie is portrayed by animals, but made long before CGI. 
Its one of my favorite child hood movies , yet I think even as an adult you can enjoy this movie. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

network solutions

network solutions

This is another one of my MS paint drawings 
Its Called network solutions 

Tell Me What You Think Of It in the comments section!!!

I will be writing some more soon, I just have a lot of MS Paint art that I would like post up. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Federation Star Ship, (Infinity class)

The specs can be debated, but the basic concept is a star ship that is able to exceed Warp 10 an travel to any point in the Universe, the only catch is that this procedure can only be done one time per year. So where ever the ship ends up it must stay there until its able to preform the procedure again and return to the federation.
The entire cannon of Star Trek is set in the Milky Way galaxy, so this ship would be the first one able to travel outside the galaxy, to another galaxy.  I place this technology in the 25th century.
Its much smaller than the Galaxy Class, more streamlined than the constitution class, and armed to the teeth.
Its called the Infinity class not only because it can travel at infinite speed one time per year, but because its engines are able to hold warp 9.99999999 indefinite. Meaning they can push their engines at max with no risk of  destroying the ship. Also with every infinite jump to unknown territory they run the risk of arriving in an area of space where matter is present, so they are equipped with a phasing cloak, (featured in an episode of TNG)  So even if they end up in the center of a sun they will be out of phase of normal matter. They can also use this technology as a defense in combat.  If the ship is forced to fight its evasive maneuverability is unmatched in the cosmos. It can turn and rotate in space at near light speeds, and its max impulse is near light speed.  The ships sensors can see for many many light years, this also means that they can launch torpedoes at high warp, up to Warp 9.9 and accurately hit an enemy vessel from very long distances.
This new technology alone has changed the face of ship to ship combat in the federation. In the 25th century one ship can destroy another from light years away. So advancements in sensor technology are imperative for the federation to survive.
It also posses a sentient main computer that acts as a member of the crew, and posses several holo projectors on the out side of the hull. They are able to create the appearance of friendly ships to scare enemy's away, and the crew are able to project themselves onto alien worlds and ships as holograms. The hologram is being controlled by a crew member in the holodeck. The Holo projectors are highly advance and offer the crew with unlimited options.
Well that's my idea, Hope you like It
Leave a comment!!!


I made this while watching all of Enterprise 

What do you think of it? 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stick Man Art

This is a picture I created some time ago in MS Paint. It is the product of pure boredom.

Tell me what you think. Is it good?
I would like some feed back.

How to take over the world

Space Station

My Name is ffcloud321.

Soon to be the future leader of the human race. I have been studying Battle Field tactics and political strategy. Soon I will activate my army of Cyborg Chickens. They will rise from the farm lands of America, equipped with Radioactive Proton Lasers, (capable of cutting skyscrapers with a single swoop). They are bullet proof and have a remarkably fast running speed. Far faster than my initial test. Soon I will unleash my army, (My Sword) they will attack the major city's of the United States. The people will call upon the U.S Army to protect them and their property. In the end it will fail. Then I will make my move onto the political stage. I will offer salvation from the Cyborg Chicken Army. After several stunning victory's by the people against them (with my advice and guidance, Of Course). I will be herald in as Hero of the People. I will consolidate my power by destroying my enemy's on the battle field. Once this mock war with the Chicken Army is over, I ffcloud321 will be in the perfect position to consolidate my power. I will become the Emperor of America. I will launch vast resources into space and construct Colony Zero. Colony Zero will be my main base of operations to conquer the rest of the Earth. The same Nano Technology I developed and spread like a virus threw out the chicken population will be spread to the people.
I will create the Empirical American Cyborg Army. We will bring the world to it's knees. I will create Colony 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. Each one bigger and more technologically advanced than the next. I will bring the best and the brightest humanity has to offer to them. I will be a tyrant to the world, they will work non stop to create my vast Space Fleet. I will leave the conquering of space to my children. And leave the earth to rot in the heavens.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 2

Am I right? With ffcloud321 Episode 2

You know what I am sick of? I am sick searching for apartments only to find that ALL of them advertise a lower price than they actually charge....WTF is the point of this? I call and ask about the apartments for 699$ a month and they act like I am fucking crazy. Like NO we are 1000$ dollars a month. THEN WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ADVERTISEMENT ON EVERY SINGLE WEB SITE AND MAGAZINE ADVERTISE 699$ DOLLARS A MONTH!! WHY?!!?!? WHY??!?!?

I don't get it, what do they gain by this? I am looking for an apartment in that range, do they think I am gonna call for a 699$ a month apartment and just know what, FUCK IT, 1000$ a month is ok.
If I had 1000$ a month I wouldn't even be looking at 699$ dollar a month apartment.....FUCk, can't we have some kind of law or something that forces people to advertise correctly....Imagine if you saw a gas station sign advertising gas at 3.32$ a gallon, you pull in only to find out its 4.69$ a would be

Or imagine that you see a for sale sign on a car, selling a Honda for 2200$ dollars, you write down the number and call the owner, as soon as you confirm the price they say....NO its 3300$....


Fuck you apartments, fuck you all!! I am just trying to find a place to live and your making it stress full!!!
You should just tell the fucking truth in your ad, so people who can afford and qualify for your fucking apartments can call you, STOP ADVERTISING 200$ less than what the fucking apartment cost.

Your just pissing people off.
How about I tell you I am gonna pay 1000$ dollars a month, and pay you 699$, I bet that would piss you off.


Fuck you ALL,

AND FUCK YOU RENT TO OWN on craigslist, YOU THINK YOU HAVE ENOUGH FUCKING POSTINGS!! Your ruining craigslist, YOU HAVE RUINED IT, your spam has made it so people can't actually use craigslist for what its intended.
Imagine you open the Sunday paper and the entire classified section is NOTHING BUT THE SAME AD SAYING, WANT TO BUY A TIME SHARE!!!
The paper would be useless, just like craigslist is now.

I hate the world sometimes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movies you need to see before you die Volume 2

This is the second video I did, I am still looking for suggestions for  Volume 3.

Keep in mind....they have to be movies you feel need to be seen before death.

Also tell me what you thought of my video.
Do I need to spruce it up?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Book Ever

Where The Red Fern Grows , has got to be one of my favorite books of all time. 
Its the story of a boy who lives out  in a rural wooded area, he  scrapes and saves his money all summer  to buy two coon hound puppy's.  He trains them to hunt racoon's and eventually enters a tournament where he nearly takes first prize. Sadly one of his dogs is killed shortly after, and the other dog slowly dies of heart ache.

The boy and his family move into a more industrial area of the world, and he is forced to leave behind everything he has ever known. He goes on with his life.
Leaving behind his two best friends. 
This of course is a synopsis, the book has far more plot for the reader to partake of. 

The main thing to take away from the book, is an observation on how our lives take on phases.
Our youths become more and more alien to us as we age, and with each new phase we say goodbye to friends and places and things we loved. 
All we can do is remember. 

So that's my favorite book, what about yours?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

From a Consumer

(The Following Is A Letter I Wrote To Flanders Burgers After Buying Their Product)

Dear Flanders Burgers

I,  for the life of me, will never and can never understand how a company with such a horrible product could have stayed in business from 1958 to the present.
Your meat taste like dead rats and grass.  I cooked one on a George Foreman Grill, and the grease that drained from the burger was Orange. The entire experience from start to finish
was unnatural. Do people really buy this crap on a regular basis?  I am guessing they do...

It scares me, that a human being would buy this garbage more than once. I can't understand the thought process.  Especially when your competitors have a better product for a cheaper price.
Sure no frozen, processed hamburger is as good as fresh ground beef, but good god, Your Hamburgers are disgusting.  Me and my friend were grilling out, we picked up a case of your burgers for 10$.
We couldn't even finish ONE of them. We were coughing it up. The Dog wouldn't even eat one.  I gave them a second chance on the foreman go. It was still disgusting.
I beg you, please improve your product, or close your business down.  The world would be a better place with out Flanders Burgers.

Shame on You

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Top 20 PS1 Games

20. Breath of Fire 4
19. Tomb Raider 1 &2 Tie
18. Legend Of Legaia
17. Marvel VS Capcom Clash of the Super Hero's
16. Megaman 8
15. Rival Schools
14. Megaman Legends 1 & 2 Tie
13. Final Fantasy Anthologys & Chronicles Tie
12. Grandia
11. Chrono Cross
10. Catslevainia Symphony of the Night
9. Lunar 2, Eternal Blue Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Tie
8. Street Fighter Alpha 3
7. Suikoden 1 & 2 Tie
6. Megaman X4
5. Final Fantasy Tactics
4. Final Fantasy 8 & 9 TIe
3. Legend of Dragoon
2. Metal Gear Solid
1. Final Fantasy 7

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Am I right? With ffcloud321

Am I right? With ffcloud321

I don't know about the rich... I haven't had the luxury of throwing money around many times in my life, but I do know the middle class, and the lower class.  I know about the hum drum exsistance of being poor, constantly being harrased on the phone by Bill collectors, and companys demanding more and more money. Most of it based on their! Policys, and THEIR Late Fees, and when THEY post and recive payments.
Does the consumer have any power anymore?
Is a court room the only way to get anything done?
I think it's about time we THE PEOPLE make a change in this world.
REALLY, who do these bill colectors think they are, Who does AT&T think they are, when they let a third party post some fraudulant charge on my phone bill, then charge me a late fee, and threaten to put the payment on my credit.


Credit has become the ALMIGHTY sign of respect in the united states, it's quickly become the only way to buy a house, a car, a cell phone, get a job.... HELL Credit is the ONLY WAY to live a normal life! So why the hell do I have to play by all these crazy rules with all these crazy companys that act like they are god.
You know what?
I don't think I should have to play by those rules.

Here is my idea, What I want to know is,
Am I right?

To fully grasp what I am trying to communicate, I belive an example is nessacary.
Lets go with AT&T, since I have had enough trouble with these fucking people to last a life time.

Lets say you have been paying 60 dollars a month for cell phone service. You have had the phone for 6 months, and have not missed a payment, paying your bill on the 1st of each month.
But suddenly, a change occurs in your life and you are having trouble making the payment on that particular day.
For the next 6 months, you pay your 60 dollars, but randomly, on the 3rd, 10th, 20th.
AT&T response by tacking on late fees, and extra processing fees.  So you end up oweing MORE than 60 dollars a month.

Lets Break it down.
For your Cell Phone, you agreed to pay 60 dollars a month for 1 year.     That comes to a total of
720 dollars a YEAR for your Cell Phone.  But for 6 months your payment was late and AT&T charged you a total of 200 dollars in Late FEES.  That means just because you could not pay on the 1st of the month, they think they have the right to Charge you and EXTRA 200 dollars for your cell phone service, and if you disregard those late fee's. Meaning you just keep paying 60 a month, They will eventually cut off your cell phone, and put your ass in c ollections, eventually it will end up on your CREDIT

You have no SAY so in the matter, you can't argue with them, and having somthing removed from your credit takes MONTHS of calling and mailing certified documents. Not to mention you will have creditors calling your house for YEARS!!! EVEN AFTER IT'S CLEARED UP!!

End of the DAY, AT&T is telling you!, YOU PAY OUR RIDICULOUS LATE FEES, are we will take away your ability to get a cell phone, a car, a house, a job.

Did you just hear what I said. AT&T has the power to fuCK UP YOUR LIFE.
I don't know about you, but CELL pHONE COmpanys Shouldn't have ANY POWER over me.
They are a company, i am the customer. Why do they HAVE ALL THE POWER and I the consumer, HAVE NONE outside of a court room.

My Idea, is to have an Organization, Kinda like the IRS, WHERE ALL CREDIT CLAIMS ARE FILTERED THREW. This ORganization ONLY TAKES INTO account The monthly ammount of the product and how much the consumer has paid the company. They don't take into account, LATE FEE's Processing fees, NOTHING.  If I had the cell phone for 12 months and owed 60's a month, and my bank statements show that I paid 720 dollars to AT&T, then it's case CLOSED, nothing on my credit.


am I right?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movies You Need to See Before You Die Volume 1

The Empire Strikes Back
Fail Safe
Edward Scissor Hands
A Clock Work Orange
The Adventures of Milo and Otis
All Quite on the Western Front
Almost Famous
Back to the Future
Blade Runner
Cool Hand Luke
Das Boot
Die Hard
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance\
Empire of the Sun
The Fox and the Hound
Full Metal Jacket
Grumpy Old Men
Home Alone
Nausica Of the Valley of the Wind
The Lion King
The Little Girl Who lives down the lane
One Flew over The Cuckoos Nest
Paths of Glory
Pulp Fiction
A River Runs Threw It
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler's List
Sergeant York
Splendor in the Grass
Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan
Terminator 2 Judgement Day
The Dead Zone
Total Recall

Will have another posts, put your favorite movies in the comments section!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can a two sex system be a genetic deficiency when it is so prevalent and so successful  in nature?  If all life is a spontaneous event how can any one gender be the correct one or the whole one? Isn't every instinct, emotion, and feature simply a genetic trait that allowed our ancestors to flourish while others perished?

All life must be flawed.  As the environment we build for ourselves changes, the more apparent our antisocial instincts become, in reality they are traits that proved useful to ourselves in ancient environments. As the threat to our offspring has not always been other humans- but other species.
The need to survive depended on killing other animals ( in defense and to consume their flesh). Aggression and organized violence make perfect sense in the ancient world.

Women would have had  to developed these traits  in order to survive to this point as a stand alone species.

These quotes  about feminism seem to come from a view point looking back the early 20th century and only the early 20th century.  These observations about men almost seem to be justified when looking at the violence of the era  , but with all fundamentalist fallacy, an entire group, race or gender is not an individual entity that acts with a single intent.

It is actually isolation, propaganda, the desire to protect ones family and cultural identity. Patriotism, fanatical views. (not unique to men) (they are the result of sentient thought)
 War in essence is a disagreement with no compromise. Regional Isolation,  and the need for resources fuels war.

Perhaps with the above paragraph I am wrong,
In WW1 a man shot a man, and that angered some men who wanted revenge on the men related to the man who shot their man.
, but they had to get approval from a group of stronger men to go ahead with the attack
, but this made another group of men angry.
 So this other group of men decided to stop the first group of men from attacking the men who are related to the man who shot the man.
So the group of men who supported the group of men who wanted revenge decided to attack a completely different group of men, because they thought those men were going to attack them regardless.
 and to reach them crossed through the territory of yet again another group of men, which MADE  yet another group of men decided to fight.

But I also have to take into account that the leaders in this period had absolute power.
Something that men ( that founded America tried to avoid)  So men saw a flaw in themselves as a gender...or in humanity?

After 3 and half years they had all been fighting so long, bringing more and more men into their pointless fight that  yet another group of men- who had been supplying weapons to one side, decided to fight to protect their financial investments,

and money is nothing more than the fictional value we place on shiny rocks, food, materials and people.....people represent cash.
Money is  a system that devalues life, and frankly makes no sense.
When all that is required for us to survive is to gather resources and educate the masses, why must we use money?
 To place people of luck and circumstance at the top and people of misfortune at the bottom.

Money, and the pursuit of it, presents the same problems that the autocratic monarchs of the previous century's did. People are arbitrarily and securely attached in positions of wealth based on their lineage, not their intelligence or value to others.
 Yet the only practiced solution to complete equality is communism, which has shown to destroy the will to succeed, and once again places one individual at the top.

The only real solution to end war, is to have unlimited resources. Cloths for all, houses for all, food for all, health care for all.

society needs to find another source (besides money)  - a non essential but desired source to entice individuals to seek education  and advance the knowledge of the human race.
Everyone in the world, Has to be content.

holy crap- that's Star Trek ( perhaps we really do need an unlimited frontier to pour all our attention into.) Perhaps a digital one? A virtual world?

 but there has to be a group approval for violent action, not just the consensus of all the men.  If every woman in a society were against a war, those feelings effect the group mentality. In fact women swept up in the same insanity cheered and celebrated as soldiers marched to  their deaths.

Have you ever seen paintings of the French Revolution?
It's not just men who are marching down the streets with rifles and pitch forks, it's women too.
They are right in the middle of it.

I doubt if only females existed they could escape war. In a female groups, alpha  females emerge,  in lesbian relationships one woman plays a masculine or dominant role.
Female tyrants arise in relationships, so would they in political settings.
As they have, in our two sex society, Mary Tudor AKA (Bloody Mary) Who had hundreds burnt at the stake in the name of fanatical Catholicism.  Her half sister however went on to be one of greatest female leaders. ( One that chose power over sex and companionship)
Perhaps just having power separates you from others, regardless of gender.

In 1553 Mary the First, Daughter Of  Henry the VIII became the Queen of England
In an attempt to restore the catholic denomination of Christianity to England, Mary authorized that citizens be burnt alive. This is woman with absolute power, thrusting her will upon all.
If a society of nothing but women found themselves suffering at the hands of a female tyrant, would they rebel? Would they Wage War for their right to live their lives the way they wish to live them?

Are all women of such a high character that they would deny their deepest desires in a position of absolute power?

The urge to follow the strongest and most aggressive individual is not unique to men.  Women are not uniform creatures that all want the same thing, and not all want to live the same way.
Surely they would have disagreements.

When it came to the allocation of natural resources, would women not favor their own offspring? The children of the community's they derived from? Their nation?

Would other nations of women not try to take by force what they themselves do no have?

War in human history has been to secure the best possible environment and the most resources for your children. Men have spared women from this inescapable facet of human selfishness.

We are more aggressive, but we are also sentient, capable of defeating our emotions. I find it easy to understand why these women felt the way they did/do.  It is because they have placed themselves in a different category, only using the history of one society to make their case.

There are plenty of examples of ancient society's where women were treated as equals.
Rome being one.

A matriarchal society has never really been opposed. Certainly in America the idea of leaders being elected by the masses, for personal merit and not gender, race or religion is ideal.

I guess that's it, thanks for reading.

You know when it comes to health insurance,  politics, the economy , I never really took an
interest. I still don't have an interest! I just feel something, I see something around me, an I have to express it. Their are people in their homes, RIGHT NOW in AMERICA who have worked their entire lives who are dying of Cancer, Aids, the have diabetes, Parkinson, hearth defects, brain tumors, kidney failure, and guess what? They get told as they are dying by their heath insurance provider that they don't qualify for MRI's or X-Rays or  Surgery, that they can't go to that doctor or this doctor, they get bullied around over the phone in their homes as their family watches them DIE. and people sit back and say America has the best insurance system in the world because ignorant idiots get their antidepressants and their diabetes med's cheap every month, but just you wait, wait until something is really wrong, wait until they tell you that because you don't have money your not important. Wait until they tell you to die in your home. Wait until they are telling someone you love to die in their home. You just wait America, your all in line to get fucked over at one point or another.  Just you wait!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Observation in Morality

I would say the most important aspect of morality is empathy.  Some have it some don't. Usually crime is identified as something the majority empathize with.
My theory is that empathy is the basis of morality, and that stems from survival instincts.

The majority of a population thinks if someone can do harm to others  they can do it to me or my offspring.
The majority have made a group effort to survive.
This doesn't just apply to murder.

If the population required no education, women would be getting married very young, as they did in the past.  But today, women  require the same amount of education as men in order to survive.  Parents and grand parents know this. So the group makes what was perfectly moral
into  something that is extremely immoral, and by that I mean  Marrying a 14 year old girl.
If a man 300 years ago married a 14 year old girl, it was because the parents of that girl knew that older man had the money and land to support that girl threw life, and it was a burden off a poorer family. It wasn't like the girl couldn't see her family ever again, and in her new position she could loan money and help to her parents. The church in those days was very much in control and marriage was sacred and divorce was extremely uncommon, men would have to convince a third party that their  wife had been unfaithful and even in those circumstances  the church would not nullified a marriage. So men slept around while married women stayed at home.

Now lets look at the same arrangement in today's society.
The church doesn't have a monopoly on marriage, the state does, and the state today doesn't have a very religious view on marriage. It's just a legal contract that can be broken, in many cases resolved by splitting revenue and property, and if kids are involved require a man keep up financial obligation's towards his offspring, but child support and alamony have to be exorbitant to financially support a woman, and those payments cease after a set amount of time. Whether alamony is for 5 years, or child support ending when a child reaches the age of 18.

 a woman will still require an education to earn income herself.  The benefits of marriage aren't as life bonding as they were 300 years ago.  If a woman marries a man at the age of 14 and starts having kids, then her education is in jeopardy, her ability to function in society is in jeopardy, if the marriage ends.  Which in today's world is a likely scenario, she could find herself in a situation where she has no way to support herself.  So society changes, what was once mutually beneficial has become poison, not only to young women but the society as a whole.  Therefore it has become immoral.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contract For New Relationships

I _______________________ Herby submit the following contract to ____________________

This contract will legaly bind certain actions laid out in the following lines and sub sections from the first party, the contract owner (Boy Friend) to the contact aceptee, (Girl Friend)

The First Person is the Boyfriend, The second Person is the Girlfriend.

The Following Contract once signed will be valid after the first consumation of the relation ship and thus be valid untill the relationship ends. Should the relationship renew within 3 months the contract will again be valid upon the first consumation of the new relationship within that three months. Should the relationship be renewed by consumation after 3 months a new contract will have to be signed and reconsumated.

Line 1- House Work ( if partys don't live together ignore Line 1 and following sections)
Section 1 of the first part
Cooking food must be done at least 4 days out of the week, with room for 2 of those days for boyfriend to do the dishes.  This does not imply that the other three days of the week that party one (boyfriend) is required to make food.
Section 2 of the first part
Laundry must  be done naked, a bra is acceptable in case hot buttons from the dryer  burn niples, but only when taking cloths out of the dryer, not putting cloths in the washing machine.
Section 3 of the first part
Vacuming must be done naked,  hat's and socks are the only apparel acceptable for this action.
Section 4 of the first part
Dishes must be done with only a T-Shirt, no panties.
Section 5 of the first part
Bathing, Party 2 must not deny party 1 the aceptance of party 1  jacking off to party 2 while taking a shower. Party 2 is allowed 45 minutes of cudling for each Section 5 of the first section requested by the first person.

Line 2 In Public
Section 1 of the second part
Person 2 must not be clingy in public unless asked to be clingy in public by person 1.
Section 2 of the second part
Person 2 must never talk to another male, execpt brothers and gay guys.
Section 3 of the second part
Person 2 must not ask for money in front of people. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey Guys!!


So my name is Cloud I have youtube and Aim
I wanted to create this blog to meet people and share story's.