Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contract For New Relationships

I _______________________ Herby submit the following contract to ____________________

This contract will legaly bind certain actions laid out in the following lines and sub sections from the first party, the contract owner (Boy Friend) to the contact aceptee, (Girl Friend)

The First Person is the Boyfriend, The second Person is the Girlfriend.

The Following Contract once signed will be valid after the first consumation of the relation ship and thus be valid untill the relationship ends. Should the relationship renew within 3 months the contract will again be valid upon the first consumation of the new relationship within that three months. Should the relationship be renewed by consumation after 3 months a new contract will have to be signed and reconsumated.

Line 1- House Work ( if partys don't live together ignore Line 1 and following sections)
Section 1 of the first part
Cooking food must be done at least 4 days out of the week, with room for 2 of those days for boyfriend to do the dishes.  This does not imply that the other three days of the week that party one (boyfriend) is required to make food.
Section 2 of the first part
Laundry must  be done naked, a bra is acceptable in case hot buttons from the dryer  burn niples, but only when taking cloths out of the dryer, not putting cloths in the washing machine.
Section 3 of the first part
Vacuming must be done naked,  hat's and socks are the only apparel acceptable for this action.
Section 4 of the first part
Dishes must be done with only a T-Shirt, no panties.
Section 5 of the first part
Bathing, Party 2 must not deny party 1 the aceptance of party 1  jacking off to party 2 while taking a shower. Party 2 is allowed 45 minutes of cudling for each Section 5 of the first section requested by the first person.

Line 2 In Public
Section 1 of the second part
Person 2 must not be clingy in public unless asked to be clingy in public by person 1.
Section 2 of the second part
Person 2 must never talk to another male, execpt brothers and gay guys.
Section 3 of the second part
Person 2 must not ask for money in front of people. 


  1. I am going to use this for my current gf lol

  2. If you can get ANY woman to seriously sign this, then I wish you luck in THAT relationship!!