Sunday, March 6, 2011

Am I right? With ffcloud321

Am I right? With ffcloud321

I don't know about the rich... I haven't had the luxury of throwing money around many times in my life, but I do know the middle class, and the lower class.  I know about the hum drum exsistance of being poor, constantly being harrased on the phone by Bill collectors, and companys demanding more and more money. Most of it based on their! Policys, and THEIR Late Fees, and when THEY post and recive payments.
Does the consumer have any power anymore?
Is a court room the only way to get anything done?
I think it's about time we THE PEOPLE make a change in this world.
REALLY, who do these bill colectors think they are, Who does AT&T think they are, when they let a third party post some fraudulant charge on my phone bill, then charge me a late fee, and threaten to put the payment on my credit.


Credit has become the ALMIGHTY sign of respect in the united states, it's quickly become the only way to buy a house, a car, a cell phone, get a job.... HELL Credit is the ONLY WAY to live a normal life! So why the hell do I have to play by all these crazy rules with all these crazy companys that act like they are god.
You know what?
I don't think I should have to play by those rules.

Here is my idea, What I want to know is,
Am I right?

To fully grasp what I am trying to communicate, I belive an example is nessacary.
Lets go with AT&T, since I have had enough trouble with these fucking people to last a life time.

Lets say you have been paying 60 dollars a month for cell phone service. You have had the phone for 6 months, and have not missed a payment, paying your bill on the 1st of each month.
But suddenly, a change occurs in your life and you are having trouble making the payment on that particular day.
For the next 6 months, you pay your 60 dollars, but randomly, on the 3rd, 10th, 20th.
AT&T response by tacking on late fees, and extra processing fees.  So you end up oweing MORE than 60 dollars a month.

Lets Break it down.
For your Cell Phone, you agreed to pay 60 dollars a month for 1 year.     That comes to a total of
720 dollars a YEAR for your Cell Phone.  But for 6 months your payment was late and AT&T charged you a total of 200 dollars in Late FEES.  That means just because you could not pay on the 1st of the month, they think they have the right to Charge you and EXTRA 200 dollars for your cell phone service, and if you disregard those late fee's. Meaning you just keep paying 60 a month, They will eventually cut off your cell phone, and put your ass in c ollections, eventually it will end up on your CREDIT

You have no SAY so in the matter, you can't argue with them, and having somthing removed from your credit takes MONTHS of calling and mailing certified documents. Not to mention you will have creditors calling your house for YEARS!!! EVEN AFTER IT'S CLEARED UP!!

End of the DAY, AT&T is telling you!, YOU PAY OUR RIDICULOUS LATE FEES, are we will take away your ability to get a cell phone, a car, a house, a job.

Did you just hear what I said. AT&T has the power to fuCK UP YOUR LIFE.
I don't know about you, but CELL pHONE COmpanys Shouldn't have ANY POWER over me.
They are a company, i am the customer. Why do they HAVE ALL THE POWER and I the consumer, HAVE NONE outside of a court room.

My Idea, is to have an Organization, Kinda like the IRS, WHERE ALL CREDIT CLAIMS ARE FILTERED THREW. This ORganization ONLY TAKES INTO account The monthly ammount of the product and how much the consumer has paid the company. They don't take into account, LATE FEE's Processing fees, NOTHING.  If I had the cell phone for 12 months and owed 60's a month, and my bank statements show that I paid 720 dollars to AT&T, then it's case CLOSED, nothing on my credit.


am I right?


  1. absolutely man. down with their scum they try to lay on us!

    god sometimes i hate cellphones.

  2. I agree. Gonna change my sim every month

  3. I'm actually okay with my provider.

  4. What you're saying makes sense. I know that most companies make a large portion of their money by adding those late fees, especially banks and their overdrafts. Since I made some dumb choices at an early age, and they're still haunting me (six years later) I've decided that I'm going to have to just be extra careful with what I do. The rich got rich somehow, they know how to work the system. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

  5. I agree, cell phone providers are always trying to make you pay more than you should be... I've had many interactions with them, some good, but most bad.

  6. tl;dr so i'll just agree with you.

  7. your right dude
    i find it interesting that you decided to pick on cell phone companies.
    maybe talk about whats going on (has been going on for a long time) with shell in nigeria.
    or something like that.

  8. Yeah, it's all complete bullshit. No sympathy whatsoever, it's unfortunate but life's a bitch.