Monday, March 21, 2011

Federation Star Ship, (Infinity class)

The specs can be debated, but the basic concept is a star ship that is able to exceed Warp 10 an travel to any point in the Universe, the only catch is that this procedure can only be done one time per year. So where ever the ship ends up it must stay there until its able to preform the procedure again and return to the federation.
The entire cannon of Star Trek is set in the Milky Way galaxy, so this ship would be the first one able to travel outside the galaxy, to another galaxy.  I place this technology in the 25th century.
Its much smaller than the Galaxy Class, more streamlined than the constitution class, and armed to the teeth.
Its called the Infinity class not only because it can travel at infinite speed one time per year, but because its engines are able to hold warp 9.99999999 indefinite. Meaning they can push their engines at max with no risk of  destroying the ship. Also with every infinite jump to unknown territory they run the risk of arriving in an area of space where matter is present, so they are equipped with a phasing cloak, (featured in an episode of TNG)  So even if they end up in the center of a sun they will be out of phase of normal matter. They can also use this technology as a defense in combat.  If the ship is forced to fight its evasive maneuverability is unmatched in the cosmos. It can turn and rotate in space at near light speeds, and its max impulse is near light speed.  The ships sensors can see for many many light years, this also means that they can launch torpedoes at high warp, up to Warp 9.9 and accurately hit an enemy vessel from very long distances.
This new technology alone has changed the face of ship to ship combat in the federation. In the 25th century one ship can destroy another from light years away. So advancements in sensor technology are imperative for the federation to survive.
It also posses a sentient main computer that acts as a member of the crew, and posses several holo projectors on the out side of the hull. They are able to create the appearance of friendly ships to scare enemy's away, and the crew are able to project themselves onto alien worlds and ships as holograms. The hologram is being controlled by a crew member in the holodeck. The Holo projectors are highly advance and offer the crew with unlimited options.
Well that's my idea, Hope you like It
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  1. pretty good solid build of star ship.

  2. Would be nice. Just watching Voyager (one season left) and this is what they would have needed. :p