Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to take over the world

Space Station

My Name is ffcloud321.

Soon to be the future leader of the human race. I have been studying Battle Field tactics and political strategy. Soon I will activate my army of Cyborg Chickens. They will rise from the farm lands of America, equipped with Radioactive Proton Lasers, (capable of cutting skyscrapers with a single swoop). They are bullet proof and have a remarkably fast running speed. Far faster than my initial test. Soon I will unleash my army, (My Sword) they will attack the major city's of the United States. The people will call upon the U.S Army to protect them and their property. In the end it will fail. Then I will make my move onto the political stage. I will offer salvation from the Cyborg Chicken Army. After several stunning victory's by the people against them (with my advice and guidance, Of Course). I will be herald in as Hero of the People. I will consolidate my power by destroying my enemy's on the battle field. Once this mock war with the Chicken Army is over, I ffcloud321 will be in the perfect position to consolidate my power. I will become the Emperor of America. I will launch vast resources into space and construct Colony Zero. Colony Zero will be my main base of operations to conquer the rest of the Earth. The same Nano Technology I developed and spread like a virus threw out the chicken population will be spread to the people.
I will create the Empirical American Cyborg Army. We will bring the world to it's knees. I will create Colony 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. Each one bigger and more technologically advanced than the next. I will bring the best and the brightest humanity has to offer to them. I will be a tyrant to the world, they will work non stop to create my vast Space Fleet. I will leave the conquering of space to my children. And leave the earth to rot in the heavens.