Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Book Ever

Where The Red Fern Grows , has got to be one of my favorite books of all time. 
Its the story of a boy who lives out  in a rural wooded area, he  scrapes and saves his money all summer  to buy two coon hound puppy's.  He trains them to hunt racoon's and eventually enters a tournament where he nearly takes first prize. Sadly one of his dogs is killed shortly after, and the other dog slowly dies of heart ache.

The boy and his family move into a more industrial area of the world, and he is forced to leave behind everything he has ever known. He goes on with his life.
Leaving behind his two best friends. 
This of course is a synopsis, the book has far more plot for the reader to partake of. 

The main thing to take away from the book, is an observation on how our lives take on phases.
Our youths become more and more alien to us as we age, and with each new phase we say goodbye to friends and places and things we loved. 
All we can do is remember. 

So that's my favorite book, what about yours?


  1. Cool, that sounds like a good read. I personally don't read too many tree books anymore(lol). I used to read a lot of Robert Kiyosaki books, but they're more self help than anything

  2. sounds good!

    my favorite book is called: the lucifer principle by howard bloom

  3. Great book, haven't read it in years though, I'll have to re-read it soon

  4. I actually re-read this book in December, great read. :D

  5. My 4th grade teacher read this book to the class many many moons ago. I remember the story with fondness.

    Since then, my favorite has become Mutiny On The Bounty.